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So what’s the owner of an old TV or other electronic device to do?

While we understand PA Law has made electronic device disposal frustrating, don’t even consider disposing of your e‑waste illegally. Although few and far between, yes, there are still some places that accept them.

Check first with your municipality to see if it accepts the type of device you’re trying to rid yourself of. If it has suspended collection of electronics, visit the PA DEP Electronics Collection Program Website to see if there is another recycling resource located in close proximity to you. You can also call the Department of Environmental Protection’s Recycling Hotline at 1–800-346‑4242 or contact your County Recycling Coordinator.

Are retail outlets an option?

A few (usually independent) thrift stores currently accept TVs for resale. Some retail stores still offer recycling programs. Often the service is offered at no charge, but there may be stipulations. Before you lug your TV to any retail location, make sure you know if they still accept them and under what conditions.

What happens if I hit a dead end?

If there are no options for responsible disposal in your area, we recommend that you hold on to your electronic devices until the law changes or a new program can be implemented. We’re aware that state legislators are working on solutions to address this problem.

We realize this is not an ideal solution and certainly a burden on you, but perhaps if you share your frustration with your legislator about the law, it will help encourage change.

Contact your legislator today.

For more answers to questions concerning residential requirements, manufacturer or retailer responsibilities, or for information about existing collection programs and more regarding responsible e‑waste disposal, download and review PA DEP’s Covered Device Recycling Act, Act 108 of 2010, Frequently Asked Questions

Help change the law. Send this to your legislator.